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Linda Newton’s was our retreat speaker at Mount Hermon. Her warm southern charm, quick wit, and obvious love for Jesus infused all our hearts with the truth of God’s Word. Her messages cut through the boulders of hurt and loss to reveal the treasured possessions of who we are in Christ. Every woman left feeling refreshed, renewed, and deeply loved. 

Tricia Christenson, Venture Christian Church, Chip Ingram, Pastor

Linda Newton was the guest speaker for our fall Women’s Retreat. She has a love for the Lord and a passion to share it.  Her down-to-earth, southern charm is captivating and contagious.  She kept out attention sharing from her own personal challenges that were as humorous as they were inspiring.

She presents God’s Word from the heart with biblical perspectives that are insightful and engaging. We liked her so much that we invited her back, and our Women's Retreat filled quickly when ladies realized she was our returning speak.

Dianne Lewis, Director of Ministries, Fowler Presbyterian Church

Linda Newton is a breath of fresh air. Her insights are not only heart-warming and heart-healing, but she brings her own special humor whenever she speaks. Our women's group has had her come several times to speak at our yearly conference, and quite honestly, she is better each and every time. Our Ladies can't get enough of her!

Andrea Mains, Homeland Church of God, Homeland, CA

Linda Newton is an enthusiastic, down-to-earth presenter who helped us  understand our own personalities and the personalities of others. With authenticity and insight, she shared practical steps for changing our “stinkin’ thinkin” thoughts about ourselves to ones that reflect the reality of who we are in Christ. As a speaker, she is hard to top.

Sue Ferré, Visalia United Methodist Church, Women’s Ministry

Linda speaks like a gentle breeze with a refreshing and rejuvenating style that puts everyone at ease as she shares sound biblical teaching and gripping personal stories. We laughed, we cried, but most of all we went away with a challenge to love and trust God more.

Denise Dougherty, Southern Idaho, Women's Leader

Linda Newton is a dynamic motivational speaker with powerful delivery in her message. She is a great example of what it means to be a shining light in our world. Her words inspire and encourage us each time we have her speak.

Carol Cox, Christian Women's Club

Linda spoke to a group of pastor's wives I was a part of and did an amazing job. She was relevant, humorous, challenging and "one of us." Her presentation style was very down to earth and we were all able to relate to her in a personal way. I would highly recommend her any ladies' or pastor's wives' event.

Cindy Talley, Pastor's Wives' Gathering, National Convention of the church of God, Anderson, Indiana

Linda Newton is a gifted speaker who is able to connect and command the attention of her audience as she shares. She makes those who hear her feel she is a personal friend. Linda shares from the heart some of her personal experiences and stories, that may have her audiences laughing one minute, and shedding a tear the next. Her messages always bring us back to the knowledge that through any situation and circumstance that God loves and cares.

Francine Spencer, Northern California, Christian Women's Connection, Nevada City, CA  

Linda's words were a breath of fresh air for our group. It was God's timing that she came when she did. She showed us how to feel God's love, receive His call, and move into action to reach lost souls for His kingdom.

Virgie Bok, YWAM, Olongapo, Philippines  

After hearing Linda's testimony at our women's retreat, I gave my heart to the Lord. Her words were genuine and inspirational. I came back the next year for more. I just can't get enough.

Valerie Rios, Gateway Church, Merced, CA

Linda Newton has inspired us a women's events, men's retreats, and couples' gatherings and she has always delivered beyond our expectations. She has a gift of being able to engage and exhort women without being offensive, and to challenge and stretch men without being a threat. She manages to be entertaining as well as profound.

Pastor Bruce Steffensen, Portland, Oregon

We had the honor of having Linda Newton as a keynote speaker for several of our retreats. She is an exceptional communicator and gifted Bible teacher. Her dynamic delivery, coupled with charming humor, put the listener at ease and allowed real "gut level" change to take place. It is a privilege to sit under her teaching.

Pam Jenkins, Evangelical Free Church, Groveland, Ca

We were privileged to have Linda speak at our recent one-day conference on how to “Shine Where You Are.”  Linda’s wisdom is profound, seasoned with the perfect dose of humor. She really connected with the mature Christians, baby Christians, and those not yet Christian.  All of the ladies felt loved and encouraged by the end of the day. We would welcome Linda back to speak to us any time.

Melissa Westcoat First Baptist Church, Hanford, Ca

Linda Newton spoke to our women at our spring retreat with wisdom and compassion, sprinkled with humor. Her content was full of spiritual depth: relevant, challenging and genuine to the women. She gave heartfelt testimonies that not only revealed how God worked out His will in her life, but also provided practical applications for us to walk away with from our weekend spent together.

Emily Head, Women's Ministries, Canyon Creek Church

Linda's transparency create a safe environment, enabling hearts to open up and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak into the lives of her listen nervous.

Bev Jones, Destiny Life Center, Sand Springs, Oklahoma






I have had the privilege of having Linda Newton join our ministry team many times over the past ten years here at Sugar Pine Christian Camps.  Linda has been our key-note speaker for women’s retreats several times, has led seminars for women, and has spoken to our summer staff teams on understanding and serving with their individual personality type.  We always look forward to having her join us! 

Linda Newton is one of those speakers who people bring their friends along to hear.  She has a real gift for presenting solid, Christ-centered speaking in a very attractive manner.  Whether listeners are church-goers, or still figuring out who God is, Linda has a way of meeting them where they live.

 Linda has a remarkable way of looking people in the eye as she speaks.  She draws people in with her southern humor, her real-life stories, and her willingness to share openly from her own relationship with God.  This openness continues as she steps off the stage, and many women at Sugar Pine have benefitted from conversations with Linda after a talk.

 In a world where speakers are often viewed as perfect people, or somehow above the rest of us, Linda shares how God became real to her in the midst of very rough growing-up years, and how she still continues to grow and be challenged in her relationship with God on a daily basis.  This ability to speak as “one of us,” is definitely something that sets Linda apart.

 I have no hesitations at all in recommending that you consider having Linda Newton be a part of your ministry event.  We have never had anything but positive feedback regarding Linda from both our guests and our staff. Bob Heidebrecht, Program Director, Sugar Pine Christian Camps